iPhone, iPad, Android application to count points and calculate scores automatically

Save your Tarot games and find them on app iOS, Android or on the web

Customizable rules

Whether you play by following the official rules or not, everything is possible with this app: You can play with any number of players, with deaths, modify the values of contracts, add miseries, ...

Vachette rules
Playing with the dead

Automatic score counter

At the end of each round, select the contract, the taker, the number of ends, the number of points, the handles, the small at the end, ... then validate. You will have access to the scores in the form of a clear and precise table or graph that summarizes very well the history of the game.

Save and share

All your games are automatically saved to your device and online so you can retrieve them on any device. Thanks to a single link, you can easily share your scores on social networks.

The best tarot score counting app

Tarometer is a must have for any Tarot player. Try it once, it will be enough to convince you.


No more need to provide sheets and pens, a smartphone with this point counting app is enough! And even no need to think about score calculations, everything is done automatically!


You can keep all your tarot games and players. They are stored on your device and as soon as a connection is available your games and players are sent to the cloud so that you never lose them.


Thanks to the cloud, you can access your Tarot games on the Internet. You will be able to share them on social networks, by email or by sms.


You can consult and modify your Tarot parts simultaneously on several devices. All players can therefore see the game in real time on their own smartphone or computer.

You can now associate your games with a tournament.

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App iPhone, iPad, Android

The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet. The functionalities are common, only the ergonomics change slightly.