Vachette rules

In tarot, the rules of the Vachette variant allow games to be played where no one has announced a contract.

How to play ?

Vachette is played with the same rules as a normal game, but this time each player plays for himself and must try to win as few points as possible.

The dog and the excuse

The dog is won by the player who won the last trick. Each end is worth 4.5 points as always, but have no other impact since there is no contract. The excuse, as in a classic game can be used in a very sneaky way: For example by being played last it ensures the player not to win the last trick (and therefore the dog). It is moreover by playing the excuse last the only way to get rid of her.

Calculation of scores

When finished, each player counts their own tricks. Players are then ranked from the lowest to the highest number of points. The scores received by the players are in steps of 40 points. In the event of a tie, an average must be taken between the two scores.

À 3 joueurs-1200+120
À 4 joueurs-120-40+40+120
À 5 joueurs-120-600+60-120
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